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20 Amazing Knitted Gift Ideas for the 2021 Holiday Season

I don’t know about you guys, but this October feels like it is just flying right by! Before we know it the holidays will be here, making now the perfect time to get a good head start on those winter projects for the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, today we’re going to be going over a few different knitted gift ideas for this Christmas season! 

While of course you can head out to a shopping center or start buying online, but there’s something special about giving those handmade gifts. Something you’ve put time and love into for those special people in your life means so much more than any retail item you’ll find at Target or on Amazon. 


Let’s get started with a simple gift idea first, socks! While some may see these as a “boring” gift, what they’re missing is the potential in design and shades that come from a pair of handmade knitted socks. Here at Rose and Purl, we offer a few different sock sets to choose from in an abundant selection of shades that are far from boring. The sister duo over at Full Moon Fibers has some fantastic sets ready to go with vibrant color schemes like vanilla dip with mint to be and purl. That stunning mint shade will really give your project some character and fun!

Now onto pattern ideas, back in my June article I listed out some of my favorite patterns for 50-gram sock sets. If you need some inspiration, feel free to head back to it to review some other patterns. For the holidays, I would have to suggest using intertwined socks and the sprocket socks pattern. I think both patterns give lots of character and provide a great opportunity for knitters to get creative with color schemes.


The next key item for any winter look is a wrap. A knitted or crocheted scarf, shawl or cowl is versatile in design as it can be crafted to be as simple or exciting as you want it to be. It all comes down to who you are giving it to and what would fit best with their style and personality. 

In addition, the ends can be accessorized with dynamic tassels or puffs making the finished project that much more one of a kind.  Depending on the color palette you choose for this project, you can easily craft a Christmas-themed scarf full of classic reds and greens. Here are a couple of my favorite patterns for wraps:

Shawl Pattern – use Fingering yarn

Cowl Pattern – use Super Bulky yarn

Beanie Hats

These adorable beanie hats are simply iconic for both the fall and winter seasons! A handmade hat is a perfect gift idea that they’ll be able to use all winter long and well into that first chilly bit of spring. A beanie hat gives knitters plenty of room to get creative with design and color schemes. 

With such a variety of shades and styles we carry here on the site, you’ll be able to craft something truly one of a kind. Shades like Wooly Mammoth and Malabrigo Rasta are sure to give any hat charm with their vibrance in hue.

Basic Beanie – use Super Bulky yarn

Christmas Stockings

Stockings are a holiday staple that are proudly displayed on mantels all December long. They hold beautiful sentimental value as they often are passed down and held onto as keepsakes from childhood. A custom stocking would make for an ideal gift for a new family member or that close friend that practically is family. This gift idea is sure to be one that is loved and cherished for the years to come. 

Stocking Pattern– use Super Bulky yarn

And just because I LOVE you, I’ve gathered a few more of my favorite patterns for holiday gifts. I’ve provided the proper yarn weight for each one so you can make sure to have the right kind ready.

Cup Cozy: (DK)

Christmas Ornament (Worsted)

Headband (Fingering)

Headband (Super Bulky)

Blanket (Fingering)

Baby Blanket: (Worsted)

House Slippers (DK)

Hot water bottle cover (DK)

Stuffie (Worsted)

Bunny stuffy (Super Bulky)

Pillow (Bulky)

Wall Hanging (Super Bulky)

Mittens: (DK)

Mittens (multiple weights: Fingering, Dk, Worsted, Chunky)

Market Bag: (Worsted)

I hope these gift ideas have energized your creativity into crafting something beautifully unique for this Christmas season. With October starting to wind down and the days getting colder and colder, now is the perfect time to start planning and getting inspired for upcoming winter projects. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with this year! 

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      If you use Ravelry – in the advance search you can set filters for what sort of project you’re wanting to make, and at the bottom, you can set the language for which the pattern is written.

      I don’t know too many off the top of my head, Max the Knitter has his patterns in both English and French. I think Ravelry would be a great resource to find more patterns in French.



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