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7 Tips for Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns

Hello again my yarny friends! How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along for everyone? This year, my resolution is to lean into my creative side more. I want to try new patterns and explore imaginative color combinations with some of my upcoming projects. I encourage all of you to feed into your creativity and push yourself, just a nudge, outside of your comfort zone. A great way to start that artistic journey is through trying out hand-dyes yarn. Now I know that can sound a little intimidating, but fear not! Because today we’ll be talking about some tips to give you all the confidence you need moving forward. I have seven amazing tips for you when it comes down to crafting with hand-dyed yarns. 

Invest in Quality 

Now I know the cost aspect of hand-dyed yarns is one of the biggest concerns for crafters. It can be difficult to justify making that purchase, especially if you are on the fence about what to even use the material for. 

Instead of holding onto that worry surrounding cost, think of the quality you are investing in. The projects you create may have a sentimental value, like a baby’s first blanket. Through investing in high-quality yarn, your projects will be able to stand up better to the test of time than standard synthetic yarn. 

Picture a Scene

When browsing online for a hand-dyed yarn, try not to focus too heavily on a specific color instead, picture a scene. If you’re having a hard time finding that mental picture, at the very start of December, I was using Sunday Fibre Co’s “Mountain Times.” The colors reminded me of a quiet mountain scene with fog rolling down between the trees to the forest floor below. Rather than look for an orange, look for what reminds you of rich canyon walls composed of warm blended shades of oranges, reds, and pinks. 

Be Mindful of How Much You Need 

It can be rather tedious to start a project only to realize that you’ve run out of yarn. Using hand-dyed yarn can be tricky as batches can vary in shade and tones. When picking out your yarn, be mindful of how much you will really need to complete the project and make sure to order enough to complete the project. 

Take Your Time 

Every crafter has been at the point where they start a project with high motivation, and then we just stop working on it. It doesn’t matter if you are knitting or painting; the idea of starting something new can result in other projects becoming half-finished. Take your time, don’t rush through the project just for the sake of finishing it. 

Allow the Colors to Fall Into Place 

One of the biggest selling points of hand-dyed yarn is the idea that no two skeins are exactly alike. They are beautifully diverse, and with that in mind, knitters may have to let go of what they had initially been envisioned their craft to become. You will still create an iconic piece at the end of the day. 

Embrace Perfect Imperfections 

Hand-dyed yarns are alive with vibrancy; they are intended to be three-dimensional and complex. If you have only used solid-colored yarns, this might be the most challenging adjustment for you. Allow yourself to let go of the idea of a totally perfect piece and come to love the uniqueness of yours. 

Finding Patterns 

With every pattern you come across, there will be suggestions and opinions on what kind of yarn will work best. This is no different when it comes to hand-dyed yarns. This ties in with the idea of cost; you may feel that you need to find the “best” or “correct” pattern to justify using luxury style yarn. Shift your attention away from finding the “best” pattern and instead focus on one that you will enjoy doing as well as enjoy having. 

Now that you are armed with these great tips go get creative! Don’t be afraid to fully immerse yourself in a world of changing colors. Take your time and enjoy watching the colors change into something truly one of a kind.

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