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2022 Knitting Trends

Happy February everyone! I hope all your wintertime knitting and crocheting projects have been going well this last month of cold because spring is just a month away! I’ll never believe just how fast time passes us by, I swear in my mind it is still New Year’s. In this entry, we’re going to be getting that creative energy flowing with some of the hottest knitting trends for 2022! I encourage all of you to go a little outside your comfort zone this year. Try something! Whether it’s a new pattern or an intimidating color combination you’ve been avoiding. Now let’s dive right into some iconic 2022 styles. 

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Rose & Purl Sock-A-Long

I’m going to jump right into all the nitty-gritty details of this fun little sock-a-long.

  • We cast on February 14th (or later if you want)
  • Sock-A-Long ends on March 28th (6 weeks from cast on date)
  • You must finish at least a single sock to be entered in the prizes.
  • You can work your sock in whichever weight in any pattern you’d like.. my pattern recommendations below will be fingering/DK.
  • Wips are welcome – but please make sure you haven’t started the heel on sock 1 to use that wip 🙂
  • Use the hashtag #RoseAndPurlSockALong and/or tag me in your instagram photos so I can see your entries. Entries will be based off posts (not stories since I have a hard time keeping track of those) but you’re more than welcome to be encouraged to post to stories too!
  • Each photo posted will be an entry for the final prizes

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7 Tips for Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns

Hello again my yarny friends! How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along for everyone? This year, my resolution is to lean into my creative side more. I want to try new patterns and explore imaginative color combinations with some of my upcoming projects. I encourage all of you to feed into your creativity and push yourself, just a nudge, outside of your comfort zone. A great way to start that artistic journey is through trying out hand-dyes yarn. Now I know that can sound a little intimidating, but fear not! Because today we’ll be talking about some tips to give you all the confidence you need moving forward. I have seven amazing tips for you when it comes down to crafting with hand-dyed yarns. 

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Hand Knit Sock Patterns – DK Edition

You’re probably reading this post because you have a skein (or two) or DK yarn that has some nylon content in it and you want to make socks!

Hooray – DK socks are so fun (and quicker to knit!). Here’s a great list of DK sock patterns for you to choose from:

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January Sock Club Pattern Ideas

Tombstone Territorial Park

Happy New Year, friends! I’m excited to be cracking off the new year with a new sock club! I don’t know about you, but January always sneaks up on me with all the holiday busy-ness.

This month’s yarn is hand-dyed by Brittany from Crux Fibres. It’s called ‘Tombstone Territorial Park’ and if you scroll to the bottom of this post is where you can find her inspiration photo.

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Keeping Warm and Cozy this Winter- Knitting Projects To Keep The Chill Out

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holiday season! It is another stunning winter here in Vancouver Island, it is always so magical in the mornings with the crisp cool air. The mornings are just breathtaking, but I’m certain not everyone is the cold’s number one fan. Well my yarny friends you are in luck because today we are going to talk about a few different projects to help keep that winter chill out all season long. 

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December Yarn Club Pattern Ideas

Happy December! Seriously, I know I say this all the time.. but dang did the last month ever fly by!

This month’s yarn is hand-dyed by Elise from Sunday Fibre Co. It’s called ‘Mountain Times’ and you can scroll down to the bottom of this post to see my sock progress and her gorgeous inspiration photo.

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