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Hand Knit Sock Patterns – Colowork Edition

So, you’ve mastered the single-colored socks and now you want to jump into colorwork.. right?!

I’ll take that as a yes! Yay! Here are some amazing colorwork sock patterns. These are great for both beginners and more advanced colorwork knitters.

Summerland Sock Set

Spark Socks

Imber Sock Sets

Dots and Dashes Socks

Little Love Socks

Nostalgia Socks

Candy Mountain Socks

Quilted Florals Socks

Comfy Cacti Socks

Foxtales Socks

Mountain Peak Socks

Barn Door Socks

Dulche de Leche Socks

Mountain Mama Socks

Sprocket Socks

Ocean Drive Socks

Midwinter Sock Sets

Totally Rad Ribbed Sets

When looking for Sock yarn, just be sure there has some nylon in it too. Usually 75/25, 80/20, or 85/15 Wool/Nylon blend.

I hope this helps give you some inspiration for some colorwork socks.. and maybe some new to you designers!

If you have any other pattern recommendations.. drop them in the comments so I can update this post with them 🙂


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