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Malabrigo Rasta

In case you haven’t seen me blasting Malabrigo Rasta through out our instagram – I’m here to tell you we’ve finally started carrying my favourite of their yarns.

Rasta is a luxurious, kettle dyed super bulky yarn.. It’s slightly felted and single ply. It’s a total dream to work with, especially for those of you that do market/fall prep.

I am so happy to be stocking Malabrigo in our Canadian based online yarn shop!

I’ve created some boards on Pinterest to showcase the colors we currently carry in different projects. You can find that board here

I’ve also created a board on Pinterest with pattern ideas for you to use with Rasta. You can find that board here.

Malabrigo Rasta color pictures: Arco Iris

*Stocking up on Rasta? Buy 10+  skeins and save 10%. Discount automatically applied in the checkout*

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