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Rose & Purl Sock-A-Long

I’m going to jump right into all the nitty-gritty details of this fun little sock-a-long.

  • We cast on February 14th (or later if you want)
  • Sock-A-Long ends on March 28th (6 weeks from cast on date)
  • You must finish at least a single sock to be entered in the prizes.
  • You can work your sock in whichever weight in any pattern you’d like.. my pattern recommendations below will be fingering/DK.
  • Wips are welcome – but please make sure you haven’t started the heel on sock 1 to use that wip 🙂
  • Use the hashtag #RoseAndPurlSockALong and/or tag me in your instagram photos so I can see your entries. Entries will be based off posts (not stories since I have a hard time keeping track of those) but you’re more than welcome to be encouraged to post to stories too!
  • Each photo posted will be an entry for the final prizes

Pattern Recommendations:

Here is a list of some patterns I think would work well with our Valentine’s Day Sock Sets. I also have a handful of other blog posts filled with sock patterns if none of these tickle your fancy:

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a pattern discount!

Vanilla Plus

Little Love Socks

Nostalgia Socks

Cupido Socks

Totally Rad Ribbed Socks

Pop Radio Socks

A Frame Socks

Calico Socks

Waiting for Henry Socks

I’m So Basic Socks

Barcode Socks

Lemon and Lavender Socks

Sun and Moon Socks

Broom Riding Socks

Thickmas Socks – DK

Perfect DK Socks

Spruce Cable Socks – DK

Carlie from North Woods Knit Co has kindly offered a 25% on her sock patterns for this KAL. Use the code: RoseKal25 from February 14th – March 26th.


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