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Lykke Needles & Hooks

Happy Thursday, friends! I feel like I’ve shared a few posts about yarn, but haven’t shared much about the tools you use to make things with said yarn.

My favourite knitting needles (and crochet hooks.. you know for those 2-3 times I crochet a year šŸ˜‚) are by far Lykke, with a very close second being Chiaogoo.. but more on that later!

Anyways, as soon as I started bringing yarn into our little Canadian online yarn shop I knew I had to bring in Lykke. These are the needles I reach for 9 times out of 10.

So, here are some of the details about the Lykke knitting needles and crochet hooks.

  • Birchwood (except Grove, those are Bamboo) needle tips with attached metal connector
  • Black plastic cable with one size fits all needle connector allows for simpler needle changes than some competitors
  • Largest needle size at US 17 works great for chunky yarns
  • Rounder tips for less splitting of yarn (The crochet hook has a slight point on the tip)
  • Engraved needle size in both mm and US sizing
  • Hand Crafted by Nepal artisans

Here is what we carry from their amazing product line:

Have you used Lykke knitting needles before? Let me know in the comments!

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