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Why Choose Hand-Dyed Yarns for Your Knitting Projects

Happy October, my yarny friends! This autumn season is shaping up to be a beautiful one here on Vancouver Island; the air has already shifted from summer breezes to cool, crisp mornings. I hope your fall projects are going well! There are plenty of ways to add uniqueness to your projects this season, whether it be adding poms or trying something entirely new. One way to help your pieces pop is by using hand-dyed yarn! It is a perfect choice, as it is a stunning craft within itself and provides a limitless selection to choose from. Hand-dyed yarn is ideal for any knitter wanting to give their projects greater depth and beauty. It truly makes a piece so much more personal.

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October Yarn Club Pattern Ideas

Witch in the Woods & New Moon

Hey, friends!

This month’s yarn is hand-dyed by Marissa from Rocky Mountain Yarn Co. Marissa dyed up a 50 gram skein set and it is amazing. It’s called Witch in the Woods & New Moon – the name fits perfectly!

I’ll be making some witchy striped socks, no particular pattern.. just carrying my yarn as I go with a short row heel. Each sock with have opposite Cuffs/Heels/Toes.

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Seven Fall Favorites from Rose & Purl

How’s your August going? As the air starts to feel just a little bit cooler, we’re planning our fall knitting projects and there are so many wonderful new yarns to try! Here at Rose and Purl, we are reveling in the squishy yarn goodness, and we’ve picked up a plethora of new treats to make your knitting days even more joyful. So without further ado, we bring you our 7 Fall Favorites:

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July Yarn Club Pattern Ideas

July Yarn Club in Forest Floor by Campfiber Yarns

Oh hi, hello there!

July sort of snuck up on me – how about you guys?

This month the girls (Allison and Jessica) from Full Moon Fibres cranked me out a tube to add heels toes and cuffs to make a pair of socks. You can scroll below to see how it looks worked up.

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What to use Suri Silk for

Suri and Vibrant 80/20 Fingering weight yarn int he colorway Grandmas Curtains bu Campfiber Yarns

So, you’ve seen all these pretty skeins of Suri silk alpaca or Mohair and you’re probably wondering what to make with them right?

I’ve linked some great patterns below. I personally love holding it double with fingering, especially different colors to see the different colors it creates. These patterns are all different weights – some are two lace held together, some held with fingering and some held with DK. Ther is a little something for everyone in here!

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What to make with a 50 gram sock set

50 gram sock sets from Brine Dyeworks and Full Moon Fibres

So, you’ve purchased a 50 gram sock set and are now wondering “what am I going to make with these 50 gram skeins..”.. right? Yep.. been there.

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite patterns for 50 gram sock sets. Some that would work really well if you make opposite socks – and some great two color options.

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Sweater Quantity

Stacey's colorwork portion of her Throwback Cardigan bu Andrea Mowry sits on a wooden table with her project bag, a skein of yarn and a handmade mug full of coffee

Hey friends!

Today I’m comin atcha with some exciting news.. I’ve added some Sweater Quantity Discounts to some of the yarns on the website!

Here are alll the details:

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