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What to make with a 50 gram sock set

So, you’ve purchased a 50 gram sock set and are now wondering “what am I going to make with these 50 gram skeins..”.. right? Yep.. been there.

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite patterns for 50 gram sock sets. Some that would work really well if you make opposite socks – and some great two color options.

Vanilla Plus Socks

Illumination Socks

Sprocket Socks

Ocean Drive Socks

krampusnacht Socks

Little Shell Socks

Jelly Roll Socks

Fall is Coming Socks

Intertwined Socks

Soft Morning Socks

Mountatin Mama Socks

Pop Radio Socks

Luna Socks

Hely Mittens

Valuva Taivas Socks

Trailing Daisy

Barcode Socks

Leftover City

Fingering Brioche Bandana Cowl

Find Your Way Back to Society Socks

Rainy Day Socks

Reverie Socks

Some of these socks will need a little modification to work with the 50 gram sock set.. If you have any questions on how to make any of these patterns work with your 50 gram sock set, just shoot me an email, or leave a comment and we can chat about it!

Full Moon Fibres Lucky 50/50 Sock Set

Brine Dyeworks 50 gram Sock Duos

I hope this helps you decide what to make with your 50 gram sock duo/set. If you have any other pattern recommendations.. drop them in the comments so I can update this post with them 🙂


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