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What Size Pom Pom Should I Use?

Hi! As we start to gear up for fall I thought I would write a little post on a question I get asked all the time!

What size faux fur pom pom should I use?

The answer is truly whatever size you want! But here is what I usually suggest:

Adult hat: 6″ (XL).. Kids hat: 5″ (L)

Although, I do have a few exceptions to that:

What size yarn are you using? The 6″ (XL) poms were designed to be used with super bulky (#6) yarn. So I usually suggest if you’re using a yarn smaller than worsted (#4) use a 5″ (L) pom.

If you’re making a kids hat, will it have one pom or two? If your answer is two, I usually say opt for minis if they’re available, especially on a wee baby hat. This way your beautiful knitting isn’t being overpowered by two 5″ poms.

I hope this helps you guys choose your pom pom size – if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email through the contact form

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